Thursday, January 29, 2009

Starting here with the book's theme:

About the Author:
Bruce Richard Schumacher is a writer/amateur-historian who’s own life’s history will most certainly one day be recorded into several volumes. As an author he has genuinely been comfortable as a non-fiction writer: honestly recording only that which he has directly, in some way personally experienced. Presumably though he will also someday produce a fine novel, as he can easily draw from his own life’s experiences to produce such a brand new, perhaps wonderful story. Schumacher has written a total of four books, although until now they have simply been local, short prints. Schumacher’s Remember 2000: The Stolen Election of the United States of America will unquestionably be forever noted as The Authentic Record as to the integrity of that November, 2000 election’s moment in time; and this is only because of Schumacher’s own tenacity, while being exacting to the wording of history itself, in this, its presentation.

An introduction to the book:
Remember 2000 is a transcribed-from-video historical documentation covering most of the main players and "talking heads" from the immediate post-election reporting of 2000. This Book documents most all the exact wording (and some of the sputterings) from the principles, their surrogates, the reporters and the commentators; all of whom also held part and participated in this misguided adventure in political U.S. History. This publication will once again (or for the first time) hold you into the precise feelings we U.S. and World Citizens all held during this November, 2000 and beyond moment in our collective history.

In this book you will find how the Democrats made the severe, but honest mistake of calling upon the American Public’s—and of all our Courts’ in general—honesties. They called upon our Constitutionally-fair assessments, our heartfelt intelligence, and for our basic interest in concluding this matter by describing to us the facts in intelligent terms, with truthful descriptions of fact and justly-held American law. And they, the many supporters of the facts—including many of the players, reporters and commentators—quoted herein, pursued that which the laws of Florida and of our Nation described as the legal course.

The problem was that most Republicans were so very sly, and enough to call upon our dark side [the deceitful nature of so many Bush-type Americans]; with James Baker-and-Co.’s longwinded public statements filled with such reconstructed truths, fabricated truths, skewed truths—even using deliberate deceit—with their simple but untrue mantras: "..Count after count after count"; or "Somebody could easily cause mischief with the ballots", repeated so many times for the overwhelmingly shallow minded and tunnel-vision thinkers of this country.
And then not so many of us even paid enough real attention, or showed personal and genuine interest as to how our one vote, and thus, how our rightful Democracy became stolen from us!

Too bad, huh..?

But: The real problem for us, still today, is: Things have not changed! This Book is a report on all the players: The principles; the surrogates; the reporters and the commentators. All of whom also participated in this misguided adventure in political history.
B Richard Schumacher, 2004

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A little ditty rewritten here from Bruce Richard Schumacher's 1995 book
"Dancin' and Romancin' the Fundamentals":

PREPARED..? for What…Really!

To be predetermined, or augmented by the realms of occasion.
That is the question.
Whether it is more noble to walk down the road one is on,
completely planning one’s steps,
holding only to all which is assured
and carrying on one’s back, and in one’s hands,
the specific tools to get through each circumstance
for that which is all foreseen..

Or, is it nobler to walk down the road one is on
with no specific idea of one’s future steps,
and to allow many things to happen
with a free back, and hands,
and to create the tools for each circumstance
as one arrives to the unforeseen.

Life’s Roads which are traveled with a truly open heart,
holding to a truly honest self, and traveled with a wish
and a willingness to create new heart for one’s self,
I have to believe
leads to the freedom to live,
discovering for one’s self a certain essence of living, its self.
Going beyond, living further than that,
which one was,

BRSchumacher 1994